Writers Strike Over?

Technology journalist Xeni Jardin posted a Twitter update via SMS minutes ago that couldn’t be simpler: “The strike is over!” It’s the first affirmative declaration I’ve seen since the Writers Guilde of America strike began, and it comes from a reputable source. Of course, the trade off to the instantaneous and spontaneous nature of Twitter is that you’re not going to get many details out of a 140 character utterance. But I hope Xeni is right. Or that the end is at least tangibly within reach.

Earlier today, the New York Times reported that a deal may be near. But it sounded like things were still coming together, and that resolution was at best a few days away. Perhaps things went better at yesterday’s talks than anyone’s been allowed to say?

The writers strike has clipped the wings of many Hollywood projects, including my beloved “LOST,” which has only seven episodes left to air in its much-anticipated fourth season. (My wife and I blogged our reaction to the Season 4 premiere episode over at The Transmission.) Supposedly, part of the season could be salvaged if the strike ends before Feb. 20 (and if the cast and crew are miraculously available).

But no matter what, the effects of the strike will be substantial, having already hurt television ratings and other people in the media food chain.

UPDATE: Oh, Twitter. Xeni’s very next update? “The strike appears to be almost over! Friend close to it says early nxt week likely!” So she knows about as much as the Times. Oh well. I’m still hopeful things will work out very soon.

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  1. February 4, 2008

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  2. February 4, 2008

    […] Lo sciopero dunque è terminato. Appena possibile vi aggiorneremo con notizie più dettagliate. Resta da vedere se sarà possibile vedere i 16 episodi come annunciato prima dello sciopero o se ci vorrà ancora del tempo prima di vedere la quarta serie completa. […]

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