Aloha Means Goodbye

The above Aloha Airlines tribute has been airing on local television all week, courtesy the “Friends of Aloha,” likely burning up airtime already paid for by the airline. It was produced by Montaj9, based in part on a video montage created two years ago to celebrate Aloha Airlines’ 60th year of service. Now, the scenes from the company’s rich history are part of farewell message… and one that still gets me a little misty-eyed every time I see it.

For most people in Hawaii, Aloha Airlines has always been around. Part of a powerful binary star system of interisland travel, the Pepsi to Hawaiian Airlines‘ Coke. People were usually loyal to one or the other (I’m a Hawaiian man, myself). But when the two competitors started to cooperate (some would say collude), and when ticket prices skyrocketed, the love affair ended. With the entry of newcomer go! Airlines and the Hawaii Superferry, and huge increases in fuel costs, collapse was inevitable.

Aloha Airlines —July 26, 1946 – March 31, 2008

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  1. May 6, 2008

    […] At 2, Taimane has an itinerary when she travels to Oahu which is a short list that includes visiting Papa and Tutu, swimming in the pool at my home and to Chuck E. Cheese in Aina Haina, “where a kid can be a kid.” She may be young, but she already has a growing bank of miles with Hawaiian Airlines, and unfortunately had to forfeit her miles with the unfortunate close of Aloha Airlines. […]

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