Bookmarks for August 31st

When I’m not blogging, I’m browsing. Here are sites and pages that I bookmarked on August 31st:

  • Jumbohostel: Spend the night in a jumbo jet. Hostel guests will be able to spend the night in a real, seasoned jumbo jet – on the ground! The plane is a used out jumbo jet model 747-200 made in 1976.
  • Useful Google Talk Bots That You Must Add as Friends: Digital Inspiration: You can do lot of interesting stuff with Google Talk like get alert notifications, save bookmarks to delicious, manage web calendars, set reminders, write blogs, and so much more.
  • BabyGate: Explosive New Details: Daily Kos: The revelation that had been whispered among the Alaskan legislature was explosive. Sarah Palin is not the mother of Trig Palin. Her daughter is the mother. Scarce if any refutations to the contrary have come forward, and now damning incidents and evidence has come to light.
  • Hawaii Eclipse User’s Group – Eclipsepedia: A regional user group for Eclipse is coming together! I met Greg Hasting at the Bytemarks geek lunch. Their first meeting is Sept. 18 at the IBM Building.

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