Day of Action in Hawaii on Sept. 27

Service Nation LogoOlin Lagon of the “island-style activism” portal Kanu Hawaii is putting out the call for locals to volunteer for a day of service on Sept. 27, part of the national Service Nation initiative. “Kanu Hawaii wants to help make Hawaii the number one state in volunteers per capita, and make Hawaii a recognized leader as we strive for national service legislation to become law in 2009,” Lagon explains in his Facebook event invitation.

There are already several Hawaii events listed on the Service Nation website, from beach cleanups to donating and distributing food and supplies to the needy to making AIDS awareness ribbons.

To participate, you can RSVP for an event at Service Nation, join the Kanu Hawaii campaign, or raise your hand on Facebook.  Another excellent resource for finding service opportunities — for the “Day of Action” or for any day — is

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