Bookmarks for December 15th

When I’m not blogging, I’m browsing. Here are sites and pages that I bookmarked on December 15th:

  • Saint Louis receives $5.2M for technology-arts facility: Saint Louis School received nearly half the money it needs to build a technology, art and business center with a $5.2 million check from the Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation yesterday.
  • Hawaii’s Bird Family Tree Rearranged: Scientists at the Smithsonian Institution have recently discovered that Hawaiian birds commonly known as the oo’s and the kioea share no close relationship with the other honeyeaters and in fact represent a new and distinct family of birds.
  • Astronomers Use Ultra-sensitive Camera To Measure Size Of Planet Orbiting Star: A team of astronomers led by John Johnson of the University of Hawaii’s Institute for Astronomy has used a new technique to measure the precise size of a planet around a distant star.
  • Puna Geothermal looks to expand: Puna Geothermal Venture celebrated yesterday its 15th anniversary of producing up to 30 megawatts of electricity for the Big Island while also looking forward to doubling that amount in the future.
  • Superb Internet Expands Global Presence and Fills Key Senior Management Positions: Superb Internet Corporation, one of the oldest and most reputable web hosting companies in the world, announced today the opening of a new corporate office headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Ocean-bearing Planets: Looking For Extraterrestrial Life In All The Right Places: Scientists are expanding the search for extraterrestrial life and they’ve set their sights on some very unearthly planets. Cold “Super-Earths” could potentially support some kind of life.
  • Maui Going Electric: Maui electric company workers will test drive about 20 to 30 Phoenix Motorcars’ electric vehicles, as part of a 6-month test program to determine whether these vehicles can efficiently store the power that’s generated by the wind, ocean waves, and the sun.
  • PACAF officials look to blogging to tell Air Force story: Pacific Air Command officials created a blog called PACAF Pixels to allow Airmen across the command to share, in a personal and authentic way, their service experiences. PACAF officials cited the rise of Internet social networking that has turned news consumers into active participants in a vast and growing conversation.
  • Navatek builds $2.2M research ship: Hawai’i ship design company Navatek Ltd. yesterday showed off some of the unmanned vessel technology it is developing for the U.S. and Singapore navies, as well as special operations warfare boat designs, as it continues to expand in the military market.

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