Bookmarks for April 20th

When I’m not blogging, I’m browsing. Here are sites and pages that I bookmarked on April 20th:

  • Surveillance vehicles take flight using alternative energy: Fuel cell powered UAVs are taking flight as an Office of Naval Research (ONR)-sponsored program to help tactical decision-makers gather critical information more efficiently and quietly.
  • Scientists weigh geoengineering in global warming battle: Diffuse sunlight is bad news for the large power-generating solar collectors that rely on mirrors to concentrate power. Even though total direct sunlight fell only 3% in 1991, power generated by these collectors dropped by 20%.
  • Strawberry Guava Bio-control: A series of open house meetings hosted by the U.S. Forest Service will discuss the threat strawberry guava poses to native Hawaiian forests as well as the proposed use of biological control, or biocontrol, to manage the species.
  • NASA spots most crowded space collision ever: Astronomers spotted galaxy clusters involved in a triple merger, the first time that such a phenomenon has been recorded. The Keck Observatory helped safely observe the mess from 5.4 billion light years away.
  • Sound From Exploding Volcanoes Compared With Jet Engines: New research on infrasound from volcanic eruptions shows an unexpected connection with jet engines. These findings provide scientists with a more useful probe of the inner workings of volcanic eruptions.

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