Bookmarks for April 27th

When I’m not blogging, I’m browsing. Here are sites and pages that I bookmarked on April 27th:

  • Creating Diamonds in Space: Do you know that there are countless diamonds in space? Loads of tiny diamonds, each measuring one micrometer are located in the material that surrounds some stars–their circumstellar disks. Although circumstellar diamonds account for little of a disk’s weight, their combined volume would be as large as part of a moon.
  • University of Hawaii tropical storm forecasting model may be wave of future: A group of scientists at UH has developed a new computer model has replicated actual tropical storms and hurricanes that formed in the Indian Ocean in 2006 and ’07 as much as two weeks in advance.
  • Some Oceanic customers can soon watch Smithsonian Networks: The Smithsonian Networks will expand their reach in Hawaii. Already available via DirecTV’s HD service, Smithsonian Networks also will be accessible to some Oceanic Time Warner Cable customers.
  • Clearwire Faces Class-Action Suit: The suit alleges that the company falsely touts its network as a reliable “always-on” alternative to cable or DSL Internet access and traditional wireline phones and imposes unlawful early termination fees when the promised service is slow, unreliable or unavailable.
  • HLIT Hawaiian Broadcasters Deploy Digital TV Service from Harmonic Solutions: The upgrade enables stations to transmit broadcast digital signals from Oahu to Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii over a fiber-based data service provided by Time Warner Cable Business Class Services.
  • Continent-Sized Radio Telescope Takes Close-Ups Of Fermi Active: An international team of astronomers has used the world’s biggest radio telescope to solidifies the link between an active galaxy’s gamma-ray emissions and its powerful radio-emitting jets.
  • Biofuel crops pose invasive pest risk: Researchers with the University of Hawaii Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit have examined the impact of unregulated planting of biofuel crops for their potential invasiveness and raised concerns about their impacts on Hawaii’s environment.
  • Toyota grants will pay for a TAPESTRY of research: Two Maui teachers each have been honored with a $10,000 grant for excellence and innovation in science education to be used for projects in their classrooms.

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