Bookmarks for June 15th

When I’m not blogging, I’m browsing. Here are sites and pages that I bookmarked on June 15th:

  • Scientists Find That Squid’s Bioluminescence Comes From Eye-Related Genes: The squid, commonly called Hawaiian Bobtail squid, has a light organ that is totally separate from the eyes. The new finding is that this organ is light sensitive and uses some of the same genes as the squid’s eye.
  • Supporters Rally for New Mauna Kea Telescope | KGMB9 News Hawaii: Dozens were out sign-waving in Hilo to support plans for a new telescope on Mauna Kea. The Thirty Meter Telescope, or TMT would be the most advanced in the world, able to capture images 10 times sharper than the Hubble telescope.
  • Kaiser Permanente Unveils the Nation’s Most Wired Mobile Health Vehicle: Kaiser Permanente, one of America’s leading health care providers and not-for-profit health plans, is introducing a new generation of mobile health. A mobile medical vehicle is being shipped to the Big Island, where it will improve health care access for thousands of Kaiser Permanente members and the uninsured.
  • Hoku Scientific cites lack of funds – Pacific Business News: Hoku Scientific Inc. may not have enough money to complete its polysilicon plant in Idaho, despite a 56 percent increase in revenue in the fiscal year that ended March 31, its chief executive said Thursday.
  • Projects on a hiatus due to scarce funds – There are several costly projects pending. Money problems have stalled two projects: a biomass generator at Hamakua on the Big Island that was to have been fueled by eucalyptus wood and an expansion of Kaheawa wind farm on Maui.
  • Planet-Forming Disk Orbits Twin Suns :: Astrobiology Magazine: Astronomers have announced that a sequence of images collected with the Smithsonian’s Submillimeter Array (SMA) radio telescope system clearly reveals the presence of a rotating, molecular disk orbiting the young binary star system V4046 Sagittarii.
  • Kai Sensors receives FDA clearance [PDF]: Today, Hawaii-based Kai Sensors announced it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for the Kai Sensors Non-Contact Respiratory Rate Spot Check, also called the Kai RSpot. The 510(k) clearance allows Kai Sensors to market the Kai RSpot to physicians, hospitals, and clinics.

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