Bookmarks for August 3rd

When I’m not blogging, I’m browsing. Here are sites and pages that I bookmarked on August 2nd:

  • MSU prof documenting increased acidity in Pacific: A 20-year study of the Pacific Ocean waters northwest of Hawaii has documented a sustained rise in the water's acidity caused by air pollution, a change that could lead to a cascading effect on ocean life if not checked.
  • Obesity ‘spreads among the young’: The study authors from the University of Hawaii say they cannot tell from their work whether overweight teens influence their friends to become overweight or whether obese adolescents simply choose to flock together.
  • Space Tourism Company Still has Lofty Goals: The idea space tourism was sold as the next giant leap in aerospace and some Hawaii lawmakers buy it. But now lawmakers in Oklahoma say take a better look after the company that was close to blasting off just took off out of town.
  • Could the Breadfruit Help World Hunger?: A team of researchers led by Diane Ragone of the Breadfruit Institute at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Kauai, Hawaii, has discovered how to propagate breadfroot to ship to regions in Central America and Africa where it would grow best.
  • Marriott Resorts Hawaii Launches Giving With Aloha Fund-Raising Campaign To Benefit Three Charities: Guests staying at any of the five Marriott hotels in the Hawaiian Islands can now choose a package that allows the room rate for their last night's stay to be donated to either the American Heart Association, Hawaii chapter; Kapiolani Children's Miracle Network; or American Red Cross, Hawaii chapter.
  • Big Island students helping develop lunar micro rover: While Americans across the country celebrated the 40th anniversary of man’s first walk on the moon this week, two Hawaii students are participating in a NASA summer internship program, where they are developing technology that will be used on the Lunar Micro Rover.
  • Boeing unveils new Navy patrol jet: The Navy plans to base Poseidon squadrons at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in Washington state, at Jacksonville, Fla., and in Hawaii.
  • Raytheon Standard Missile-3 Achieves 15th Hit-To-Kill Intercept in Space: A Raytheon Company Standard Missile-3 destroyed a short-range ballistic missile target in space July 30. The test marked the 15th hit-to-kill intercept for SM-3 and the 19th missile intercept of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense program.
  • Outstanding GCC Science Student Attends Hawaii Conference: Guam Community College Environmental Biology student Jacob Fathal is attending the second annual Islands of Opportunity Alliance – Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Partnerships conference at the University of Hawaii at Hilo this week.
  • HIGICC Awards GIS Scholarships: The Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council (HIGICC) recently awarded $1,000 scholarships to two deserving students in recognition of their academic achievement and practical application of geospatial technology and geographic information systems (GIS).

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