“LOST” Talk at SXSW Interactive

Two great flavors may be coming together next March: “LOST” and SXSW Interactive. Doug Meacham and Amy Greenlaw, two fellow fans and geeks, are proposing a panel that focuses on the “transmedia storytelling aspects” of “LOST.”

“If you aren’t familiar with ‘transmedia storytelling,’ it’s just a fancy term for telling stories across multiple platforms,” Doug explains. “In the case of ‘LOST,’ think of all the other places the producers engaged the audience beyond just the TV — Lost Experience, Find815, Bad Twin, Kayak, etc.”

The panel will include people who are actively involved in creating transmedia storytelling experiences, but Doug and Amy are also looking for people with a strong connection to the show who can speak to its transmedia aspects. Folks like the experts at The LOST ARGs, perhaps?

Of course, in order for the panel to happen, people have to vote for it. SXSW runs a PanelPicker that lets the community help craft the program. Specifically, voting accounts for 30 percent of the decision-making process for any given programming slot.

So if you want to see “LOST” on the SXSW Interactive schedule, give the proposed panel a thumbs up!

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