Bookmarks for November 11th

When I’m not blogging, I’m browsing. Here are sites and pages that I bookmarked on November 11th:

  • “Mystery Missile” off California Coast Was Probably Just an Airliner: The airplane explanation was put forth rather quickly by Contrail Science. The Web site and others even identified a likely suspect for the optical illusion: U.S. Airways flight 808, from Honolulu to Phoenix.
  • Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Receives National Recognition: “Being recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home tells us that we’re on the right track,” said John Timtim, MD, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Kai Clinic chief. “It shows that physicians at Kaiser Permanente have the tools they need to provide their patients the best possible care.”
  • Sustainable Saunders Energy Challenge results in savings: The Sustainable Saunders Initiative has honored the Department of Anthropology on the third floor of Saunders Hall for achieving the most savings in the successful second round of the energy saving competition.
  • Researchers find ocean temperature threshold for hurricanes is rising: A new study by researchers at the International Pacific Research Center of UH Manoa shows this threshold sea surface temperature for convection is rising under global warming at the same rate as that of the tropical oceans.
  • Pale Green Dot: Failed Star Is Cold and Stinky: A NASA spacecraft scanning the sky has discovered a cold failed star that glows green in infrared light and has an atmosphere filled with deadly gases that would make it pretty stinky, too.
  • Hawaii posting tech company successes: While Hawaii is rarely viewed from the Mainland as a breeding ground for high-tech innovation, the state’s recent focus on cultivating technology in an effort to diversify the economy has produced some surprising results.
  • Gaming the System With High-Frequency Trading: The solution is outlined by MIT’s Alex Wissner-Gross and the University of Hawaii’s Cameron Freer in a recent theoretical paper titled “Relativistic statistical arbitrage“: put HFT computers in remote locations that minimize the absolute distance between exchanges.
  • Astronomers find evidence of cosmic climate change: Evidence of an intense warming period in the Universe’s early history, described as a form of “cosmic climate change”, has been found by an international team of astronomers.

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