Surfing Dog Headlines National Contest

Longtime surfer and surf designer Bill Hamilton, father of pro surfer Laird Hamilton, has thrived in the water for half a century. And not surprisingly, he has shared his love of surfing with “Sava,” his yellow Labrador Retriever, for over a decade.

Both Bill and Sava are now featured in a national promotion by dog food company Eukanuba. The “28-Day Challenge,” established on Facebook, ends on April 30. Provided you fed your dog Eukanuba dog food every day for at least 28 days, you can submit a photo and a 100-word essay to be entered to win a year’s worth of dog food, and an appearance in “Dog Fancy” magazine and a Eukanuba ad.

Hamilton is a paid spokesman for Eukanuba, and even jokes, “I’m considering eating Eukanuba myself.”

Of course, that means if you’re only hearing about the challenge now, you’d have to already be Eukanuba customers to be eligible for the contest. (I didn’t know about it until a PR rep emailed me today.) Still, it was interesting to learn more about “Sava,” 11 years old and apparently still hanging ten (or twenty) on Kauai.

For one, I immediately had to see if there were was such a thing as a surfing cat. There’s at least one, but the cat seems a bit less fond of the sport than Sava.

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