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Be still my geeky heart.

If I had a bucket list, I would have crossed off a big entry yesterday, as I was a guest on “FourCast,” a show on Leo Laporte’s TWiT network. I was honored to be on the show alongside local developer Brian Dote, talking with hosts Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson.

On every episode of “FourCast,” the four panelists (Tom, Scott, and two rotating one-time only guests) discuss predictions. The guests each bring a short-term prediction, a long-term prediction, and a way-the-hell-out-there prediction.

I admit, I struggled to come up with my predictions, especially after catching up on the last half dozen shows and hearing several that I wished I’d thought of first!

What made it harder was the fact that we weren’t allowed to discuss our predictions with each other before the show, and Brian wasn’t willing to give me one single hint.

But I thought we had a great conversation, my sketchy Internet connection notwithstanding, and it was just about the shortest hour I’ve had in recent memory.

Tom and Scott have great camaraderie, naturally. And it helped that Brian and I had recently been on a panel with Tom at the HMAUS SpringFest. As a result, we had already spent some time together imagining the future of technology. (And I have no doubt the other panelist, L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine, will also be a “FourCast” guest soon.)

Even more humbling was the fact that Scott mentioned on the show that he was a long-time listener to “The Transmission,” the “LOST” podcast that my wife Jen and I produced for several years. It was incredible to hear that from a guy who’s connected to several of the long-running podcasts I admire, especially as an amateur media maker who looks up to folks like him, Tom, and Leo.

What were my predictions? What does a flaky internet connection do to a Skype call? You’ll just have to watch or listen to the episode to find out.

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