Bookmarks for August 17th

When I’m not blogging, I’m browsing. Here are sites and pages that I bookmarked on August 17th:

  • Deep recycling in Earth faster than thought: The chemical analysis of tiny glassy inclusions in olivine crystals from basaltic lava on Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii has now surprised geologists: the entire recycling process requires at most half a billion years, four times faster than previously thought.
  • Real estate technology conference comes to Honolulu: Inman News is bringing Agent Reboot to Honolulu. Real estate agents will learn from the best experts in the industry how they can make mobile, social, video, blogging and many more cutting-edge technologies work for their real estate business.
  • CBI Polymers receives export award from the U.S. Department of Commerce: CBI Polymers Inc., received an export achievement award from the U.S. Department of Commerce for its philanthropic work to provide aid in the clean-up efforts of Hungary’s toxic mud spill last year and the more recent nuclear catastrophe in Japan.
  • Maui Women in Technology Project gives Maui County keiki educators a science turbo boost: The Women in Technology Project is training Maui County educators in a three-day professional development course entitled “Science Building Blocks,” in a partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory and University of Hawaii Maui College.
  • Engineering professors awarded $344,424 NSF grant: Electrical Engineering Assistant Professor Aaron Ohta and Professor Wayne Shiroma were recipients of a three-year, $344,424 grant from the National Science Foundation to study the use of liquid metal in circuits to create new types of tunable communication systems.
  • International partnership expands shark research in Palau: An international team of researchers, conservationists, commercial dive operators, and government agencies has joined together to deploy and operate an array of acoustic devices to monitor the movement of sharks in the waters of Palau.
  • Transforming Agriculture for Future Generations: The University of Hawaii’s Leeward Community College is training students for new careers in agriculture that are grounded in science. The idea is to help local folks, especially native Hawaiians, learn to grow sustainable crops and plants.
  • Hawaii to Host 3rd Annual Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit: Leaders and experts at the forefront of the global clean energy movement will be convening at the Hawai’i Convention Center for the 3rd Annual Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit and Expo, to be hosted by the State of Hawai’i on September 13-15 in Honolulu.
  • How Do Native Hawaiian Birds Survive in a Fragmented Forest?: On the Big Island of Hawaii, lava flows have created more than 300 isolated forest fragments. Native Hawaiians call these patches of forest kipukas. A researcher went to Hawaii this year to help find out how the birds that live in the kipukas manage to survive.

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