‘Catching Fire’ Filming in Hawaii

Catching Fire On Set - Katniss-Peeta.com

Production on ‘Catching Fire,’ the sequel to the ‘Hunger Games‘ movie, has moved to Hawaii. While shooting started in Atlanta in September, it’s expected to wrap here in the islands before the end of the year.

The first film, based on the bestselling novel, has grossed over $400 million since its release in March, so anticipation is high. And as the production takes advantage of the natural beauty of Hawaii, fans and paparazzi were able to take advantage of the wide open set.

Fan site Katniss & Peeta Online yesterday posted a gallery of over 50 photos from the set near Turtle Bay, nabbed with what must be a spectacularly good zoom lens. (They’re credited to Renee, who runs a Dianna Agron fansite.) The folks at Hypable note that you can see Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss), Sam Claflin (Finnick), and Lynn Cohen (Mags) at work.

These and other images surfacing online, along with the fan frenzy that accompanies them, reminds me of the good ol’ days of tracking the production of ABC’s “LOST” a few years back. But I think the global audience of the “Hunger Games” book and movie series is at an entirely different level.

Catching Fire On Set - Katniss-Peeta.com

Catching Fire On Set - Katniss-Peeta.com

Catching Fire On Set - Katniss-Peeta.com

Check out the rest of the photos here, and keep your eye on the KPO “On Set” gallery. I think Renee may have more good stuff to share in the coming days.

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