The 6th Annual Hawaii Geek Meet

Hawaii Geek Meet

Every year I look forward to organizing the Hawaii Geek Meet. And every year I get so wrapped up in it that I only get around to blogging about it after it’s over.

This year was the sixth year, and I think the most diverse yet. A lot of the perennial favorite groups were there (from professional and amateur astronomers to ham radio operators to sci-fi costumers), but there were some new faces as well, from solar power firm Greenpath Technologies to medieval fighting troupe Schola St. George Honolulu to local players of the alternative reality geolocation game Ingress (which I’ve recently become obsessed with).

Here are my photos from this year’s Geek Meet:

You can also check out photos by Kyle Nishioka (@madmarv), Russ Sumida (@parkrat), and Burt Lum (@bytemarks).

The Hawaii Geek Meet was also featured on Hawaii News Now, KITV, and Hawaii Public Radio!

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