Review: Snugg iPad mini case

Snugg iPad mini case

Any Apple fan knows that getting your hands on the sleek, shiny gadget is just the start of the fun. Picking the right accessories is also part of the adventure, and while I generally keep it simple, I know people who have half a dozen cases and covers for their tech toys, one to match every occasion and outfit.

I love my iPad mini, which quickly made the regular-sized iPad seem big and unwieldy. And Apple’s own Smart Cover was perfectly fine for what it was: a basic sturdy flap that held on to the iPad with magnets. It frequently came loose in my already cluttered backpack, though, sparking periodic hunting trips.

I wasn’t in the market for anything new, but the folks at accessory maker The Snugg offered to send me a sample case to review. Their stuff seemed well regarded, and their blogger outreach robust, so was happy to take them up on their offer… especially after learning that their Snugg iPad mini Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand came in green.

The Snugg iPad mini case is solidly built, with sturdy panels and clean seams. It is decidedly not a full leather case (it’s described as “PU leather”), but has just enough of a thin textured skin that gives the feel and faint smell of the real thing.

The iPad mini is a, naturally, snug fit, and feels pretty safe inside the case, which makes carrying the iPad mini feel like carrying a nice bound notebook. With the case on, the iPad mini fits comfortably in the hand, and a notch in the back allows you to tuck the open cover into an elevated stand to allow for easy typing, or stand it up for hands-free viewing.

The only Achilles heel is the exposed edges and corners of the iPad, which means you could still see a dent or nick if you drop it on its edge. But that also means all ports and controls are easily accessible, rather than buried under case panels or kludgy pass-through nubs. The Snugg case also has a wrapped elastic hand strap in the cover and a loop for a stylus, but I don’t see myself using either.

The list price of this case is $39, though as of this writing it’s priced at $29. Considering the fact that Apple sells its magnetic rubber flap for $39, it’s a good buy if you’re looking for what the Snugg offers. And keep in mind, the company makes cases and covers for dozens of tablet and smartphone models.

A quick note, though: the new iPad mini with the high-resolution Retina screen, just announced last week, is a little thicker than this original iPad mini (7.5 mm thick versus 7.2 mm). Though Snugg wouldn’t say, this current case may be a little too snug for the newest model. Just be sure to check the website before ordering.

The company let me keep the case, and I’m keeping it on my iPad mini, replacing my iPad mini Smart Cover and plastic back case. It makes for a thicker device, but so far I’m liking the more substantive feel it offers.

Check out my Snugg iPad mini case photo gallery (taken with my iPhone, of course) on Flickr:

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