Learn to code in a weekend at UH

LearntoCode“Learn programming” is a very likely entry in the average geek’s list of new year’s resolutions. But while resources abound to learn to code on your own, taking a class and asking questions is probably better for those in a hurry.

And if you’re in a real hurry, this weekend’s “Firehose Learn2Code” workshop is for you.

The brainchild of Marco Morawec (who founded the “Firehose Weekend” series in Boston before moving to Honolulu) and co-taught by Boston-based software engineer Ken Mazaika, the three-day intensive workshop is described as “perfect for non-technical people itching to build their own Minimum Viable Product (MVP), learn to code and finally attract a technical co-founder to their startup idea.”

From setting up your development environment on Friday evening to learning to code and creating a working app all day Saturday and Sunday, the workshop will cover popular coding tools like Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Github and Heroku. The cost is $250, but with talented coders earning that much in an hour, it seems like a reasonable investment for someone seriously interested in getting their feet wet in software development.

(For a deeper dive, there’s the newly formed DevLeague, offering a 12-week course for $8,000 launching later this month.)

The “Firehose Learn2Code Workshop” is offered through Pacific New Media at the University of Hawaii, and you can register online.

We interviewed Morawec on Bytemarks Cafe last month, and you can learn more by listening to his segment (starting at 07:30) here.

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