‘Godzilla’ will trash Waikiki this summer

Sci-fi fandom is buzzing with excitement with this week’s release of the official main trailer for yet another “Godzilla” movie. As usual, the film footage featured in the promo is being picked apart scene by scene, and eagle-eyed movie geeks in Hawaii caught a second or two of a scene filmed in Waikiki.



At about 0:50, people flee a large wave crashing up Lewers Street. HawaiiIRL shared some photos on Flickr of this scene being shot back in July 2013, and my friend Stephen posted some great behind-the-scenes video:

The production company also brought wreckage and carnage to Waikiki Beach.

This KITV report includes a few plot hints, and suggests that 20 percent of the film would be set in Hawaii. Of course, anything can happen in the editing room.

“Godzilla” stars Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, and Ken Watanabe, and opens May 16.

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