Kauai Makers Make New Friends

Firelight Kauai

The Hawaii maker movement continues to grow, with the latest news coming from the west side of The Garden Island.

Carl Lozar of the Kauai Makers Club announced today a new offering from Firelight Kauai, a boutique gallery space in Hanapepe with laser cutting and giclee printing capability. While the facility is regularly open to visitors, it will now open its doors specifically to makers every Saturday with a limited makerspace membership.

“We can custom engrave and cut pieces large or small from acrylic, wood, glass, leather, cardboard, paper, and nearly any kind of fabric,” notes the Firelight website. “We can cut wood blocks for woodblock printing up to 32″ x 20″, and our giclee printer can print 44″ wide to just about any roll length, on canvas or paper.”

“I was down there this past Saturday and am totally amazed how fast the laser can work,” Lozar wrote. He said Firelight founder Bryon Knopf created the membership program in the hopes of gauging the demand for a makerspace on Kauai.

Knopf, who is also a Realtor, has posted videos of the laser cutter at work on YouTube.

For now, membership is $43 per month, which gets makers access to the workspace and the tools (including the laser cutter, giclee printer, compound miter saw and paint booth). Supplies are not included but are available at Firelight’s wholesale cost.

“The second Saturday of each month will be Nerd Night, there will be canned projects ready to go for the group and individuals,” Lozar noted on Facebook. “Most of these would be a good ‘Hello world’ project to teach the equipment basics.”

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