Domain Night Returns Tomorrow


Have you been holding on a clever, catchy domain name just waiting for the right moment to build something fantastic? Have you been holding on to lots of domain names just waiting for lots of right moments? Then “Domain Night” is for you.

The first “Domain Night” was held in April, and I was one of the many domain name hoarders in attendance. We marveled at delightfully short domain names, heard longstanding dreams of websites dedicated to local recipes and connected bike racks, and discussed ways to capture domains dropped by other people.

(I cheated and talked about, which is already built, just built badly.)


This decidedly geeky, web-centric support group is meeting again tomorrow at Real Office Centers in Chinatown. This time, organizer Nicole Hori says that even people who are new to domain name ownership are welcome.

“If you’re curious what this is all about, come for the intro session at 5:30, and we can help you buy your first domain, or answer any questions you may have,” she writes. “I’m hoping this format will make it welcoming for new people.”

After setting the stage, “Domain Night” will move on to fast-paced pitches of domains submitted by attendees. Domain names will be projected onto a screen, and their owners will have a brief opportunity to talk about them.

“Whether you hope to restart a project, find a good home for a domain, or just make us laugh, be ready to say a little bit about your own when it appears in the slides,” Hori explains. “And we hope you’ll stay for the refreshments, too, and make a new connection or two.”

To participate, please register for free on Eventbrite, submitting a list of up to five domain names you’d like to talk about. You can even send in up to one image for each domain or group of domains to [email protected], and they will be included with your slides.

For more information, visit the “Domain Night” site at (of course)


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