Gallery: 8th Annual Hawaii Geek Meet


A wonderful mix of creators, designers, thinkers, teachers and seekers turned out today for the Hawaii Geek Meet, despite an early storm threat and a less than stellar weather forecast (provided personally by Dan Cooke). This year, two dozen different groups were represented — some by one person with smiles and business cards, others by entire teams with displays, exhibits, and demonstrations. Local R&D firm Oceanit brilliantly combined the Hawaii Geek Meet with its annual company picnic.




Every year, I secretly fear for a few harrowing moments that Honolulu has outgrown the Hawaii Geek Meet, considering how much things have evolved and changed since 2008. And every year, I am heartened and deeply grateful to the ever expanding mix of people who come out, sharing their passions and creations in a truly grass-roots, family-friendly, island-style picnic.




The Hawaii Geek Meet is also the one tech event where I don’t get as many photos as I’d like, because I spend most of the day talking story with such a great bunch of interesting people. Fortunately, you can find more posts from people who where there by searching for the hashtag #higeek on Twitter, #higeek on Instagram. (You can use #higeek on Facebook, too, but there’s no rhyme or reason to how they’re sorted.)




But you can check out the photos I did manage to take in my Hawaii Geek Meet 2015 album on Flickr:

The Hawaii Geek Meet also earned coverage from KITV, with Ashley Moser checking out the scene.

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  1. July 22, 2015

    […] him create Minecraft videos, a cottage industry in itself. Both boys wore Minecraft heads to the Hawaii Geek Meet (and several people asked to take pictures with […]

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