Civil Geeks: Virtues of Venomous Creatures


I got to interview one of my favorite scientists for my latest “Civil Geeks” column. Christie Wilcox is a beloved and respective science blogger and communicator who recently published her first book. “Venomous: How Earth’s Deadliest Creatures Mastered Biochemistry“:

“The book gave me the chance to share the awesomeness of venomous animals with the world, and maybe, just maybe, someone who reads it will be a little less fearful and a little more in awe of these incredible animals,” she said.

Meanwhile, she continues to blog, and continues her work, both in advocating and conducting scientific research. She’s currently working as a post-doctoral trainee in the lab of UH jellyfish researcher Angel Yanagihara on effective ways to treat stings — rather than folk remedies ranging from ice packs to pee.

“I never realized how often medical advice is given without evidence to really back it up,” she said. “Sometimes even from doctors.”

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