Civil Geeks: Tales from The Other Side


My last “Civil Geeks” column is a continuation of the previous piece addressing the practical and positive reasons why Hawaii startups often make the leap to the West Coast. In part two, I talk to entrepreneurs about why they decided to head across the ocean.

Once settled in San Francisco, Hawaii startups are finding a receptive but sometimes skeptical audience.

“I get the sense that geography is quickly becoming less of a factor in the eyes of investors and entrepreneurs — rather than where they’re based, startups are being increasingly judged by their merits alone,” Bennett said. “In this sense, startups in Hawaii are perceived in the same way as startups from any other city.”

“[We are treated] just like every other startup, no special treatment,” Greevy said. “If you haven’t had an exit or graduated from Stanford or an Ivy League school, you have to work even harder for validation.”

Read the full article here: Money And Exposure Lure Startups Away from Hawaii

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