Microsoft Announces ‘Project Honolulu’

Microsoft has again invoked the Aloha State for a product name, this week announcing “Project Honolulu.”

Project Honolulu is described as a “flexible, locally-deployed, browser-based management platform and tools” recommended as a “graphical management solution” for Windows Server.

In announcing the tool, Microsoft doesn’t explain how or why it chose the name. But the company does share a number of customer reviews, which are amusing to read out of context:

I use Honolulu to manage hyperconverged cluster based on Storage Spaces Direct and what a tool. Honolulu provides me metrics, alerts and ease of management from a web interface. I can now easily manage my volume and get the state of my infrastructure. Honolulu looks like really flexible and Microsoft can add features really quickly.

This isn’t their first Hawaii shoutout. Back in 2010, Microsoft announced “Project Hawaii,” which included the “MAUI Project.”

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