Building a Better MLS

I’ve been with Hawaii Information Service for over 14 years, serving as its Communication Director and part of its cross-departmental project management team. Although roughly categorized as a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) provider, we are much more than that. We’re a genuine home-grown technology company that has kept up with, and often surpassed, the national real estate industry.

We don’t often get to “toot our own horn” — we’re far too busy for that — but thanks to a nomination from Hawaii National Bank, Hawaii Information Service has now been featured in a “Business Matters” segment on KHON. Veteran reporter Howard Dashevsky visited with us, and with his videographer Erik, put together a remarkably solid profile in just a few hours.

In three minutes, CEO Faith Geronimo and COO Colleen Yasuhara got to tell much of our company’s story, from its history, to its vision, to the next-generation real estate data platform we’ve been building for the last three years. It’s finally going to be released later this year, so the timing couldn’t have been better.

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