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Geek Beat: Hour of Code

It’s Computer Science Education Week! This international celebration of computers and technology and STEM education brings a lot of great events to schools around the world, and in Hawaii. The “Hour of Code” brought me and my coworkers out to an elementary school in Kaneohe.

Geek Beat: Black Friday Tech Shopping

Once again, we were able to join the bleary-eyed Hawaii News Now “Sunrise” morning crew on their annual pilgrimage to Honolulu’s retail hotspots for “Black Friday.” Our shopping picks included the best Android smartphone on the market, the newest portable drone, and battery packs… if you can get them shipped.

Geek Beat: Fake News and Filter Bubbles

With many still reeling from the results of the U.S. presidential election, our friends at Hawaii News Now called an audible, setting aside the gadgets to tackle the intersection of tech and politics. After a quick mannequin challenge. There’s “fake news” on Facebook, real harassment on Twitter, and big question marks under a Trump administration.

Geek Beat: High-End Hardware

Microsoft staked its claim to the high-end hardware market with the announcement of its new Surface Book and its giant Surface Studio, both big upgrades (including in price). The company is clearly positioning itself against Apple, which announced a new MacBook Pro that I crave, but that has left some Apple fans wanting.

Geek Beat: Drone Showdown

With the World Drone Racing Championships taking place this weekend on the North Shore, it seemed like a good time to revisit drones. Kualoa Ranch will host pilots from 18 countries for a FPV UAV competition, while the rest of us shop for more stable airships to take great aerial photos and videos.

Geek Beat: Google Hardware Announcements

Google announced a number of new hardware releases, which we covered in the latest Geek Beat. There’s the new Pixel smartphone, a flagship device aimed at (and priced like) the iPhone, the Daydream View virtual reality headset, and the Google Home, Google’s entry into the smart home market in the wake of the surprise success of the Amazon Echo.

Geek Beat: Google Apps, Twitter Updates

On the latest Geek Beat, we cover a couple of new apps from Google: Allo, a “smart messaging app,” and Trips, a travel guide that helps track your itinerary and even works offline. Finally, a small update from Twitter, allowing more media (photos, videos, quoted tweets) without burning valuable characters.

Geek Beat: Conservation and Cultivation

The latest Geek Beat segment is inspired by the World Conservation Congress, held in Hawaii and the U.S. for the first time in more than 60 years. In addition to the IUCN event, we talk about a new app out of the University of Hawaii called Landscape M.D., and a...

Geek Beat: Mixed Plate of Tech News

For this morning’s “Geek Beat” segment on the Hawaii News Now Sunrise morning news show, we tackled a trio of tech stories: The ability to applied for “Verified” status on Twitter: I’ve coveted the “blue checkmark” since they first showed up, but up until now there was no way to...

Geek Beat: New Rules for Making Money with Drones

New rules for commercial drone use led off this week’s “Geek Beat” segment on the Hawaii News Now “Sunrise” morning show. We also touched on the growing popularity of first-person view (FPV) drone racing, including a recent competition on Maui and the upcoming Drone Worlds championships taking place at Kualoa Ranch in October....

Geek Beat: WWDC & E3

Two big tech conferences kicked off this week: Apple’s World-Wide Developers Conference and E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. We shared the highlights on this morning’s “Geek Beat” segment on the Hawaii News Now Sunrise morning news show. Apple’s big keynote covered all four of the company’s software platforms: iOS (for...

Geek Beat: Alternative Keyboards for iPhones

New alternative keyboards for iOS were the subject of this week’s “Geek Beat” segment for the Sunrise morning news show on Hawaii News Now. Smartphone keyboards are a pretty esoteric topic, nor particularly easy to install, but because of their system-level, cross-application nature, they offer a significant array of new...

Geek Beat: Apps to Host the ‘You’ Show

On this week’s “Geek Beat” (part of the “Sunrise” morning news show on Hawaii News Now), Burt Lum and I told Dan Cooke about apps that let you host your own show online. We featured three different ways to share your conversations online: in text, video, and audio. First up...

Geek Beat: Electric Cars on the Rise

It was a good week for car geeks, as Tesla unveiled its next and most affordable electric vehicle yet, the Tesla Model 3. It also racked up a ton of pre-orders, mostly from people who hadn’t even seen the car. We also check in on the most established electric vehicle...

Geek Beat: Small is Big Again with Apple

Apple’s latest announcements, made at a low-key “Town Hall” hosted at its Cupertino campus, were the focus of this morning’s “Geek Beat” segment on Hawaii News Now’s “Sunrise” morning show. Burt and I talked with Dan Cooke about: The new-ish iPhone SE: Essentially the latest and greatest specs (from the...

Video & Gallery: Making Mochi for the New Year

As we near the end of the year, one of the cherished traditions in Hawaii is “mochitsuki,” or the making of mochi. Japanese rice cakes are enjoyed year round, of course, but mochi is the signature food of New Year’s celebrations, and there are several different preparations and presentations. My wife and I...

Videos: Mililani High School Chorus

I’m a proud alumnus of Mililani High School, and this year, I’m also a proud parent of a Mililani High School senior. My daughter Katie is developing a passion for the performing arts, and joined both the MHS theater and chorus programs. Of course that means year-end performances before family and...