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Island Pulse

Data Dashboard Offers Real-Time Energy Stats

One of the beautiful things about the otherwise esoteric open data movement is that it lays the groundwork for data visualizations that are both pretty and informative. “Big data” in its raw form is incomprehensible, but with tables and charts and graphs and other tools, you can illustrate facts and trends in...

Alpha Wind Hawaii

Oahu Offshore Wind Farm Proposed

Hawaii is already a hotbed of renewable energy research, so perhaps it’s not unexpected to hear about a proposal to situate as many as one hundred 200-meter tall wind turbines off the coast of Oahu. But it’s where the proposal is coming from, and how it might come to fruition,...

Advanced Power Strips

Free Power Strips Offered to Kill ‘Phantom Power’

For a limited time, you can get a free sensor-equipped power strip that can make sure your gadgets are actually off when they’re turned “off.” Kanu Hawaii is perhaps the state’s largest non-profit organization focused on sustainability (there’s that word again), and conserving electricity is a big part of that. One solution? Power...