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Geek Beat: Amazon Go, Live Video & Emoji

This week’s “Geek Beat” segment was a mixed plate of tech news, including Amazon’s new brick-and-mortar “Go” concept store, Twitter’s live video offering, and the latest batch of new emoji… and I don’t care what the Unicode standard says, it’s a “shaka.”

KeyReply Team Builds Free Chat Widget

The team behind KeyReply, a keyboard for iOS that allows teams to easily customize and send pre-written messages, isn’t satisfied with building and launching a single product. Earlier this month, they released KeyReply for OSX, expanding...

Hobnob SMS Invites

New App: Invite Right with Hobnob

Email is a mess. Friends don’t let friends use Evite. (See also: email.) And Facebook event invitations are only slightly less spammy than Facebook game requests. We really should be spending time together in person, so what’s...