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Code for Hawaii

Code for Hawaii Ready for Reboot

I have a lot of respect for programmers, software engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, and other immensely talented and creative people. But I love it when they commit those valuable skills — which could also power startups, grow businesses, or transform industries — to helping their communities. I love civic hacking. Hawaii has seem some stellar...

Island Pulse

Data Dashboard Offers Real-Time Energy Stats

One of the beautiful things about the otherwise esoteric open data movement is that it lays the groundwork for data visualizations that are both pretty and informative. “Big data” in its raw form is incomprehensible, but with tables and charts and graphs and other tools, you can illustrate facts and trends in...

Hawaii Sunshine Law Needs an Update

Hawaii’s “Sunshine Law” turns 40 years old today, and is still a critical tool in keeping state government accessible and transparent. But a lot has changed over those four decades, and a pair of bills have been working their way through the legislature to update the law for the 21st century. After...

Civic App Demo Day on Saturday

Civic App Demo Day on Saturday

Capping off a historic year of government transformation and grassroots innovation, the first HON*CELERATOR competition aims to inspire the best apps and online tools that use open data to improve the day-to-day lives of Honolulu residents. Local software developers, designers, and entrepreneurs are being encouraged to tap into a growing...

City Launches Open Data Portal

City Launches Open Data Portal

The new Data.Honolulu.gov site takes the city’s transparency efforts “to the next level,” expanding upon the “CAN-DO” portal it unveiled last March.