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Geek Beat: Snap, Amazon & Uber

The tech and investing world is picking apart Snap’s filing for its Initial Public Offering in March, the Amazon Echo continues to learn new skills, and Uber dreams of a fleet of flying cars. These are the stories we cover in this week’s “Geek Beat” on Hawaii News Now’s “Sunrise” morning show.

Hackathon Draws Developers to Build with Uber

Uber, the disruptive startup turned global tech firm, built its massive success by hacking the transportation ecosystems of cities around the world. Now developers in Honolulu and elsewhere are being invited to hack Uber. Sort of. Uber has partnered with Honolulu-based coding bootcamp DevLeague to host a hackathon later this month. Developers...

Uber Under Fire in Hawaii

Hawaii lawmakers are mulling a bill that would regulate “transportation network companies” like Uber and Lyft. And while the legislator who introduced the bill, Sen. Glenn Wakai, says he introduced it on behalf of Uber, Uber testified against the proposed law. [Update: See below.] The bill also assigns the Public...