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VR Junkies Comes to Hawaii

There’s a newly opened virtual reality gaming shop at Ala Moana Center called VR Junkies Hawaii. It’s actually part of a national chain, which Opapo Fonoimoana discovered in Utah and brought back to Honolulu. We were introduced to Opapo by local software developer Evan Nagle, and interviewed him about VR and...

Geek Beat: Google Hardware Announcements

Google announced a number of new hardware releases, which we covered in the latest Geek Beat. There’s the new Pixel smartphone, a flagship device aimed at (and priced like) the iPhone, the Daydream View virtual reality headset, and the Google Home, Google’s entry into the smart home market in the wake of the surprise success of the Amazon Echo.

Orlovsky and Oculus Rift by Sergey Galyonkin on Flickr

Isle Firm Accuses Oculus of Stealing VR Tech

A Hawaii-based company this week accused Oculus Rift and its founder Palmer Luckey of building a virtual reality hardware company with information stolen from its own research and development. The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday, says that Ron Igra and Thomas Seidl partnered to form Total Recall Development in Hawaii in 2010 with the aim of “developing immersive...

Hawaii Virtual Reality Club Launched

Hawaii Virtual Reality Club Launched

The concept of “virtual reality” has been around for decades, and has inspired science fiction and popular culture in countless ways, from the “cyberspace” of William Gibson’s novels to “Tron” and “The Matrix.” But with the breakneck speed of technological innovation we’re seeing today, we’re perhaps closer than ever to...

Avatar Reality Changes Course

Avatar Reality Changes Course

Earlier this month, Jim Sink, CEO of Honolulu-based game firm Avatar Reality, announced that the company was shifting its strategy for Blue Mars, once touted as a next-generation virtual reality environment that would challenge Second Life. As a result, most of the employees were laid off, including Sink. Avatar Reality...