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Geek Beat: Nintendo Switch & Smartphones

New hardware in the headlines for this week’s “Geek Beat” on the Hawaii News Now “Sunrise” morning show, and the big hit was the Nintendo Switch. But LG and Samsung also unveiled their heavy hitters in the premium Android smartphone ring.

Report: Hawaii Loves Surfer, Rainbow, Pineapple Emoji

Smartphones are exacting revenge on cranky and crusty technologists who declared, in the ’90s, that “textspeak” signaled the death of the English language, and perhaps even the decline of western civilization. At least back then, when fliphones lacked keyboards and writing messages required convoluted button-mashing combinations like T9, you might...

Geek Beat: Geeks in the Sun

Instead of our usual Wednesday morning visit to the Hawaii News Now studio, Burt and I joined the Sunrise morning crew today at their “On the Road” remote at Wet N’ Wild Hawaii. The theme of the day was summer fun, with segments on barbecues, sunscreen, and drones (which was summer...

Hawaii Geek Beat: iPhone 6, iOS 8, Galaxy Note 4

Hawaii Geek Beat: iPhone 6, iOS 8, Galaxy Note 4

This morning’s segment on Hawaii News Now focused on the latest iPhones from Apple (including the latest flap, “Bendgate”), the iOS update that comes with them, and finally the upcoming fourth generation of Samsung’s original “phablet,” the Galaxy Note. Burt, who is currently gallivanting around Japan, escaped the latest escalation...