Hawaii Geek Beat: iPhone 6, iOS 8, Galaxy Note 4

This morning’s segment on Hawaii News Now focused on the latest iPhones from Apple (including the latest flap, “Bendgate”), the iOS update that comes with them, and finally the upcoming fourth generation of Samsung’s original “phablet,” the Galaxy Note. Burt, who is currently gallivanting around Japan, escaped the latest escalation in the “Dance, Geek, Dance!” series.

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  1. Vern Lovic says:

    ha! Great video Ryan. I have the Galaxy S4, and loved the S3, but broke it and cannot find another, so got the S4. I looked at the Apple 6 plus and WOW, yeah, seems gigantic. I could still use it though, I just wanted something smaller to take on runs and the s4 fits in my waist pack.

    I wonder if anyone else has TV that cool as you guys do in Hawaii. I haven’t done that Pee Wee dance in, wow… must be about a decade now! Will teach my daughter tonight.

    Aloha man…

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