Well! Have a baby and you do all sorts of wacky things. You fall asleep standing in the kitchen. You come up with whole new measurement systems to make the amount of time slept in the last week sound really long. And you get sick, get wired on cold medicine, and stay up way too late messing with your website.

On the request of my beautiful wife, I upgraded her journal to use Movable Type. So I did. And even redesigned it a bit for the heck of it.

But on a pseudoephedrine buzz, I didn’t stop there. I figured I might as well convert this here weblog to a Movable Type operation, so I don’t have to depend any more on some overworked remote server. The “import” method worked like a charm — except for my whole “never used titles before” issue.

And coming down off that geekly achievement, I attempted the ludicrous: converting my own journal to Movable Type too. My overly verbose, photograph filled, already recently reworked to use Greymatter. And — while it twisted my brain a bit more than the other projects — I got it done as well.

Not only can you barely tell anything changed at all from the previous script-based content management system (save for the lack of “karma voting”), but Movable Type allowed me to integrate, to connect new entries with hand-built IMR entries going back to the beginning (1997). It’s seamless. And now I can again get to a year, month and date I want by just typing “/99/08/13/998013.html” versus trying to figure out if it’s “archives/00000317.html” or “archives/000000353.html”.

I know. I’m a bit neurotic. And I can’t blame too much of it on the cough syrup.

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  1. Dj says:

    Great to see you back! I would definitely blame it on the cough syrup, I do.

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