Domain of Disappointment

You snooze, you lose, right? I already own far too many internet domain names (thinking right now, I can’t even name them all), but for ages I’d been meaning to pick up for Jen (and by extension, Katie). Kilinahe was Jen’s Hawaiian name for her Hawaiian 101 class at UH-Hilo, and it ended up in Katie’s legal name.

Well, just the other night we went to a pau hana party at the Willows restaurant, where the local band “Kilinahe” was playing. When I got home, my sneaking suspicion was proved correct — the domain was now the band’s official web site.

Keola, Kama, Kekoa, and Kanai`a? You guys better do right by that name!

What really surprised me, though, was to discover that was also taken. And, not only that, but it was snatched up only a couple of days ago by one Lia Moses of Kailua-Kona. She apparently got sucked into some kind of pyramid scheme

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  1. Stella says:

    So NuEWorld is a *gasp* pyramid scam??? My God, why didn’t I learn about this earlier? (No, I didn’t invest any $$$ with them, but one of their reps once tried to piss me off in the middle of work…) BURN EVIL COMPANY BURN!!!

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