The Power of the Web

The Internet can bring about many wonderful, magical things, but nothing is quite as heartwarming as when it facilitates the smackdown of a dumbass.

The Story: A Ford SVT dealer technician takes a customer’s 2003 Cobra on a 140 m.p.h. joyride. He brags about it on a Mustang message board (complete with license plate number). The owner finds out about it. Tech gets canned, owner gets lawyer, and the dealer (Northside Ford in San Antonio) is now infamous worldwide.

Yep, worldwide. To me the best part is how the story spread like wildfire to car enthusiast sites everywhere, from Canada to Australia, enraging fans of all kinds of cars, from Honda to Pontiac to Subaru. Frequent were references of the domestic-import rivalry, dismissed with comments like, “I don’t agree with your choice of car, but I support you in taking on this moron.” It’s enough to bring a tear to your eye…

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  1. Mark says:

    The technicians original posting was actually on Url:

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