Island Hopping

With a week to restore my soul between jobs, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take the family on a trip to the Big Island. So, it’s 3:25 a.m., and I’m about to drag everyone out of bed and down to the airport for the first flight to Hilo.

We’ll stay a couple of days, this time… today to play tourist, and tomorrow my mom will join us for a family pilgrimmage to Hawi. Somewhere in there will be a night at the Hilo Hawaiian, a drive down to see the lava, a “road trip” to Kona, and probably more than one or two meals at Ken’s House of Pancakes.

I can’t wait!

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  1. pm. says:

    How can you leave out Nori’s? The tastiest hamburgers and yakitori around? Or Kawamoto Okazuya- the BEST okazuya around??!! Plus all the fresh fruits and veggies at the farmer’s market… Ohhhh I can’t wait to move! Mr. says he’s targeting April as our “Big Move” date… Hope so…

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