Sticker Citation

In Apple’s Stickiest Marketing Ploy, Wired News reports on the longstanding obsession Mac fans have with Apple logo stickers.

As I started to read it, I started to feel bad for finally taking my Apple sticker off the back of my van a couple of months ago (replacing it with my own cheesy marketing).

Ten paragraphs in, though, something else struck even closer to home. Much closer. “There are also a surprising number of people who use Windows PCs but put Apple stickers on them,” the article notes. Then, it cites a certain local’s online journal…

3 Responses

  1. julia says:

    OMG how’d you do that!

  2. Dreama says:

    Did Jenn know about this, or did they just go looking for “Apple Sticker” via Google?

  3. Jen says:

    Had no idea. I was googling myself and found it.

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