Grand Opus

In the world of cartoony characters with an adult streak, there’s obviously one to skip this weekend. (And there’s lots more where that came from.) But there are few things I’ve been looking forward to this week more than the Sunday comics page.

The interviews in advance of the return of Berkeley Breathed’s penguin are great reads, from the real to the imaginary. (And there’s always the classic interview from The Onion. My how things have changed…) His ongoing hatred of Garfield is particularly entertaining.

But lo! Is it even known if Opus’ half-page return — and to be sure, his space requirements are forcing several papers to make tough decisions — will even surface way out here in Hawaii?

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  1. Ryan says:

    Bummer. The Honolulu Advertiser had it, the Star-Bulletin didn’t (although the Star-Bulletin comics page did feature an Opus ‘hurrah!’ in another strip). I couldn’t force myself to buy the Advertiser, so now I’ve got to scrounge for the strip posted somewhere (illegally) online.

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