Easy Go

Good News: I got $80 from my stepbrother Eathan. See, I’m such a poor businessman, I never keep track of what my “clients” owe me. While this means I usually end up doing most of the work for free, it also means the occasional payment is a pleasant surprise.

Bad News: On my way back from the bank, I got pulled over by a state trooper for an expired safety check and got a $55 ticket. D’oh! The safety check itself, a quickie at the nearest service station, was another $20.

Today’s Net Profit: $5.

This is what I get for remarking on occasion that our state troopers could be making themselves more useful by doing highway patrol. I mean, we do have state roads here. But no, instead of keeping racers off our freeways and generating much-needed fee income for the state, they’re enforcing a city program. Brilliant.

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  1. Beth says:

    Net profit is good, no matter how small. Now, go have a latte and call it even!

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