DCS Case #12621

Yet another entry in the Annals of Dumb Customer Service, this one from United Airlines. My request? “What is my Mileage Plus account number?” Their response?

“Thank you for contacting us. To obtain your Mileage Plus account number, please contact our Mileage Plus Service Center… You may email them from our Home Page under the ABOUT UNITED heading. Click ‘Contact United,’ ‘Contact Information’ and then ‘Mileage Plus.’ Please include your Mileage Plus membership number. We appreciate this opportunity to be of assistance and look forward to serving your travel needs.”

Thanks, guys. This one’s right up there with, “To retrieve your lost password, please enter your password.”

And that’s not even the best part. The reason I was trying to get my account number? Because in order to get off their spammy e-mail list, I need to provide it! What kind of company has a mailing list “unsubscribe” functionality that requires a login?

Oh, that’s right, a disreputable one not worthy of my business.

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