Goo in the News

The smelly, algae-filled “reflecting pools” at the Hawaii State Capitol have been a longtime source of frustrated and disgusted commentary, but now the disgusting wet mess has hit the big time. Tomorrow’s New York Times features an article titled, In a Sparkling State, Goo Fills the Symbolic Pools:

Hawaii’s 35-year-old Capitol is a modernist landmark, awash in island symbolism. White pillars, reminiscent of royal palm trees, form the perimeter, with the center open to the sun, wind and rain. The House and Senate chambers are swooping cones of volcanic stone rising from two enormous pools that are meant to evoke the crystalline Pacific Ocean.

Except they do not.

Bonus? Former Ka Leo shooter Cory Lum’s photo for the Advertiser is featured as well. Wonder if it made the print edition?

1 Response

  1. dick says:

    Alas, Cory is no longer with the ‘Tizer. That was shot expressly for NYT. And yes, it did make the print edition, albeit buried, and in B&W.

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