Two Point Four

Six days. Less than that. So much to say, but so much more to do.

Been baby shopping, replacing all the stuff we gave away or sold after Zac, back when Zac was The Last One Ever. Turns out tandem strollers are not cheap. But they sure are neat.

More and more lately, I’m keeping up better with the photo gallery (and don’t forget the slightly more random moblog) than… well, just about anything else I “maintain” online. Two picnics, Katie’s first “Open House” at school, the bon dance in Waipahu… go browse. And if you’re especially lacking in stimulation, I also posted a bit of video from the bon dance as well.

Um. Have I even plugged here yet? Yeah, yet another crazy side project. I’m pretty happy with it, though.

So, yeah. That should hold y’all for a bit. I’m going to bed.

1 Response

  1. Donna says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to pore through the 2921 photos in your photo gallery! :)

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