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A chance encounter with Beth on IM led me to dotMoms, a group weblog for mothers where she’s a member. Turns out it was one of the sites mentioned in a recent New York Times article on mommy blogs, but I missed the link.

I knew about Blogging Mommies, which is somewhat defensive about being the “first” and “original” mom site, but dotMoms is different, anyway. It features original essays written just for the site, for example, more like an online magazine than a blog portal. Which means, Beth noted, that it has an honest-to-goodness editor. And honest-to-goodness deadlines. Eep!

It made me wonder, though. Where’s the thriving community of blogging daddies?

1 Response

  1. Beth says:

    Ryan, don’t make me start Dot-Dads!

    I am emailing you right now in regards to this question. This could be huge. HUGE!

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