GoDaddy? No, Daddy.

I barely keep up with the podcasts I subscribe to, so I didn’t notice that Adam Christianson’s excellent MacCast had gone missing. Douglas over at My Word let it be known on the podcasters mailing list that Adam was apparently taken offline, with no notice, by his webhost, GoDaddy. It wasn’t for using too much bandwidth — the usual Achilles’ heel of podcasters — but for processor load (or CPU cycles).

Now, as someone who has given my webhost, Dreamhost, its share of headaches for the same problem, I know that strugging with a popular site and CPU-intensive web apps is hardly anything new. But GoDaddy specifically promotes itself as being hip to the whole podcasting and citizen media scene. It actually sponsors dozens of podcasts, and I long ago had to start tuning out its ubiquitous plugs on some of the shows I listen to. For them, of all companies, to take down a popular podcast with no warning or easy recourse is just apalling. Poor Adam had to scramble to set up an alternative domain and try to get the word out to his fans, silenced by the company that supposedly enables the everyman’s voice.

I hope Adam gets back online soon, and I hope he finds a better webhost. I won’t say Dreamhost is the answer, but GoDaddy definitely is not the way to go.

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