Bloggers Wanted

Alex Salkever, founder of Hawaiirama, is looking for a few good bloggers. Local bloggers, that is.

Hawaiirama is a slick new blog that “covers the Islands like a giant beach blanket,” with an emphasis on travel, food, and local happenings. It’s off to a strong start, due in no small part to actual writing chops. In addition to the well-credentialed Salkever, there’s shopping editor Julie Uyeno (of “Behold the Cuteness“) and nightlife writer Tim Denevi (editor of “vice-versa” at UH).

Looks like they’re ready to expand, and they’ve got more to offer than a snazzy byline. A Wedding/Honeymoon Blogger ad posted to Craigslist offers $10 per post.

Hawaii has enough talent and color to power a dozen community blogs, plus a teeming blogosphere of scrappy, independent writers. And I never figured out why blogging never really took off here. Like me, HawaiiStories never did quite live up to its potential. And I couldn’t begin to tell you where Metroblogging Hawaii is headed.

With great writing, a sexy Web-2.0-esque design (pink and turquoise are the new black!), and an advertiser-friendly infrastructure ready to go, Hawaiirama is definitely one to watch.

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