Justin.TV’s Hawaii Channel

I’ve written before about Justin.TV and Justin Kan, the San Francisco lifecaster whose antics inspired me to start experimenting with live video. It all ultimately led to the launch of HawaiiGeek.TV, my own lifecasting site (which got some notice in a recent Honolulu Advertiser article).

Plenty of my fellow island geeks have seized on the lifecasting movement, or at least dabbled in live video streaming. Todd Cochrane of the GeekNewsCentral blog and podcast set up MyLifeOnline.tv to open a window into his tech-rich world. The folks over at Oceanit (who hosted Dean Kamen last month) invited me over last week to talk about lifecasting, and have started streaming various company events.

Meanwhile, the folks at Justin.TV have been expanding their network to include more faces (to which they’ve affixed more cameras). Pittsburgh web developer Justine Ezarik was the first new channel after Justin, and remains a top draw. But they also partnered with a couple of Clear Channel radio stations: San Francisco’s [email protected] (KLLC), and WiLD 94.9 (KYLD).

Well, this week, with no apparent fanfare, the Justin.TV network added another radio station to the lifecasting family: Star101.9, right here in Honolulu.

I actually ran into a Clear Channel staffer in the halls of Dole Office Building in Iwilei. He recognized me from the Advertiser piece, and he mentioned that they’d be partnering with Justin.TV soon. But while I expected a big announcement and coming-out at the recent “Band Camp” concert, I’d heard nothing else until catching the link via a random blog post just a few minutes ago.

With the Justin.TV plan to increase its geographic span (allowing viewers to find something to watch regardless of timezone), a Hawaii channel made sense. It’d be nice to hear what the folks at Star 101.9 and Justin.TV have in store, though.

UPDATE: Just caught übernetworker Christa Wittmeier in the channel chatroom, moments after I’d e-mailed her the link. (Christa famously went to visit with Justin last month.) She called D.J. Maleko at the station. She reports:

he said that they have the equip but they don’t want to bring it out anywhere… it’s like in a drawer because it’s worth like 8K… he said he’s gonna do like bayfest… it’s not ‘launched’ yet

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  1. Chris Yeh says:

    Just remember, you’re the pioneer here. Aloha!

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