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We have a Wii. I’m not a gamer at all (we have a PlayStation 2, dance pad and all, and have used it maybe a dozen times), but Nintendo’s groundbreaking console is surprisingly fun and addictive. Instead of focusing on horsepower and the latest and greatest graphics, the Wii is perfectly fine with ’90s-era arcade imagery. Instead, the Wii focused on its interface. Forget “pads” with fifteen buttons and two joysticks. Once you get started in a Wii game, it’s almost all motion.

If you have a Wii, you know what I mean. And if you have a Wii, I want to connect with you.

The Wii can get online (browsing via Opera on your TV is pretty cool), and thus, has a lot of potential for collaborative play. Each Wii console has a “Wii Number,” and when two connected Wii machines have each other’s numbers registered, they can…

Erm. Well, actually, there isn’t much to do at all just yet. I’m sure there will be. But for now, at least your Mii — your customized avatar — can wander around the globe, randomly bumping into other Miis. And I’m smitten enough with this box that Mii mingling is fun enough.

My first Wii friend was Sam. The kids love seeing her Mii pop up in games. And I imagine my Mii turns up quite often at her house, making trouble.

My Wii Number is 4986 9658 9724 4171. I know, it’s a mouthful. And registering it on your Wii is only half the story. You need to send me your Wii number so I can register it on my system. So be sure to e-mail me your Wii number or post it in a comment below.

To be sure, there are lots of way to find Wii friends. has created a cool map-based directory of Wii players, including a bunch of Wii players in Hawaii. There’s also, which has a more conventional community setup.

But if you’re reading this, you’re exactly the kind of cool frood I want to connect with.

So pick up the Wiimote and call Mii. 4986 9658 9724 4171.

14 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    Heyyy im from UK add me ive added u ! 1136 3552 1303 7538 ta man !

  2. jake says:

    hey add me 374997260112157

  3. Isaac says:

    Mii again, I added you! Please add me! My number is 4986 9658 9724 4171 add me!

  4. Stevevon says:

    mine is 2279-8042-2194-9751, add me, plz!

  5. Flood says:

    add me and ill add u just reply if u want my num

  6. Jamal says:

    Hay all of yall add me my wii # is 0717 7294 4826 6427

  7. Tae says:

    aaaaaa yall all need to add me mi wii # iz 4507-3012-6623-9469 be sure to add me asap nd da rest of yall

  8. lorenzo says:

    hey add me my wii number is 6336 7082 2522 3176

  9. trina says:

    my wii number is 412862980428408

  10. Fahem says:

    My Wii Number is 5328 4741 8190 4262

  11. Alex Kerns says:

    my wii number is 4062409460200553
    i added you please add me

  12. selena says:

    hey yall no friends add me then email me urs on wii 24/7 so lmao my email [email protected] nd number 7186 0140 8368 1177 ADD ME

  13. daniel says:

    my number is 6116453713444625

  14. sakinah says:

    hey ma wii number is 2924-5639-4076-0612

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