UH Students Star in Online Reality Show

Project Freshman: Season 2

Meet Bri, Elliot and Sarah, new students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and stars of “Project Freshman,” an online reality show by AOL. “Project Freshman,” now in its second season, features students’ video diary and blog entries documenting their campus lives.

Bri Lagat-Ramos is the trio’s local representative. The Moanalua High School graduate and standout athlete is attending UH with the help of the school’s College Opportunities Program.  Elliot Winter hails from Shepherdsville, Ky., and is studying zoology. Sarah Riordan was born in New York and grew up in Rhode Island, although she did live in Hawaii for a few years as a kid.

Each are expected to post a video diary entry each week, though they may blog more frequently. Some excerpts from their online writings:

  • Bri’s Blog: “Although I was stressing on passing this exam, there were many outside conflicts that were to come that were unexpected.  I can’t really go into detail about the specific situations, but all I can say is that it involved boyfriends and friends.”
  • Elliot’s Blog: “After we got down to the grill in the middle of the courtyard inbetween the four freshman towers, we tried to get a fire started. This was the hardest part of the whole ordeal, we tried for thirty minutes to get the coals hot enouph, pouring lighter fluid on like it was water.”
  • Sarah’s Blog: “In a desperate attempt to feel comfortable, I searched for people that reminded me of my best friends back in Rhode Island.  I was completely let down however.”

Just how honest and uncensored will this look into student life at UH get?  That remains to be seen.  The “Project Censored” project is being overseen by Tracy Orillo-Donovan, who coordinates the broadcast programs for UH’s public relations office. [KITV]

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  1. Ken says:

    I did watch the first episode with one of the freshmen today at work…not sure how “Real World” it will get, but should give some good publicity for UH – if they don’t screw it up…

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